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3D Metal Bats stickers


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Car 3D Metal Bats car stickers metal personality bat car standard modified car stickers tail standard cover standard side mark

material: metal

Bat size: 8cmX2.4cm

Product color: gold silver black three colors optional


1, according to the car and personal preferences, can be decorated in any appearance of the car body. Such as car headlights, door and so on.

2, double-sided adhesive uses 3M glue, should not fall off after pasting.

3, not only can play a great decorative effect, while the body has small scratches, use it to cover, the effect is praise!


1. Before the product is pasted, the car top coat should be cleaned first. After thoroughly drying the surface, use the double-sided tape.

2. Within 24 hours after pasting, the washing of the vehicle is prohibited to prevent the product from falling off again.

【Product Description】

1. This product is made of pure metal and is suitable for matching with most colors.

2, regardless of material, shape, gloss are impeccable, stuck in the car, not only full of spirit, but also brilliant.

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